Web-to-Print & dynamic imaging

International web-to-print support

Magento supports multiple languages, currencies and other country-specific aspects like dominant payment and shipping providers out of the box. Our web-to-print extension comes with support for several languages and an option to add more translations.

You can customize your web-to-print Magento store with additional language options. Users will be able to choose the language they prefer from a list of translations you provide, making your shop truly international.

Built-in locales

Our web-to-print extension for Magento comes with the following built-in locales:

  • EN – English
  • RU – Russian
  • MK – Macedonian
  • BG – Bulgarian (incomplete)
  • DE – German (incomplete)
  • ES – Spanish (incomplete)

Add your language to the web-to-print package

Translating the web-to-print part of your store into some other language is easy. You need to download a file with all the strings, translate them and upload back in. The process is explained on our Magento web-to-print help site.

Dynamic imaging widget

ZetaPrints dynamic imaging and web-to-print Flash widget can be easily embedded into any web page. The widget can show templates from an existing catalog of designs or you can upload your own. It’s free and open source.


The Flash widget can be used anywhere you need to produce a personalized image using a template:

The widget retrieves templates from ZetaPrints and talks to our dynamic imaging API to generate images. You can use publicly available templates or upload your own. Embedding our dynamic imaging widget is easy. You can run it in a custom size or as a full page.



We built this dynamic imaging plugin for fun, but there is much more in it than showing funny pictures on blogs.

  • Promotion of your products – build a catalog with simplified samples of your print products and ask other websites to embed the plugin. It will drive more traffic to your website as people click through to see more designs.
  • Promotion of your talent – build a catalog with interesting designs and let people have fun with them and see your name as the author.
  • Integration – embed the plugin into your pages with dynamically generated content or web-to-print integration as we did for Magento.

Enterprise package

Can you gamble the success of your business on something you cannot control?

We offer security of supply and fixed cost model with standalone web-to-print and dynamic imaging deployments for enterprise level customers. This means that you can run a copy of our software on your own servers with full access to the source code and our support.

Our web-to-print and dynamic imaging software is deployed as a core package and you can run any number of e-commerce or shopping cart websites on top of it.

Enterprise web-to-print package

Security of supply

Having the hardware and software running on your own servers gives you that important security of supply regardless of what happens to our business tomorrow.

Full support

Although the software will be running on your own servers it can still be fully managed by us at a fixed cost and totally transparent to you as if it was a SaaS package.


Since this package is simply a copy of the ZetaPrints engine running on your own servers, there’s no difference regarding web-to-print and dynamic imaging features or performance. Try our live demo web-to-print and dynamic imaging sites for first hand experience.

Learn more

Tell us a little bit about your project and we’ll put together a proposal for you.

Enterprise web-to-print package

Reduced cost

Our SaaS pricing is based on a pay-per-order model. It is cost effective up to a certain number of orders.

Enterprise customers with large order volumes can lower the cost by running their own deployments of ZetaPrints software and pay a fixed monthly support fee without any transactional charges. It becomes economically viable from several thousand orders a month and requires an initial investment in the infrastructure.

Direct mail

Preparing a bulk mail campaign has just become a lot easier with our free Distribution Map extension. Coupled with web-to-print it allows customers to order print and mark the distribution area on a map in a single order.

This extension is based on Google Maps and is very easy to use. All a user needs to do is to click on the map several times to select an area. The simplicity of it suits perfectly to small businesses. Many of them shy away from using unaddressed mail because of the complexity dealing with printers, direct mail distributors and list owners to put a campaign together.

Web-to-print with a map for unaddressed mail distribution

Any Magento website running our web-to-print extension can become a one stop shop for selling unaddressed mail by adding our free Distribution Map extension:

  • prepare artwork
  • select distribution area
  • make a payment

User selected area becomes part of the order detail. Once saved it can be zoomed in or out, but cannot be changed. The area can also be downloaded as coordinates in a KML file to be used in other geo-spacial applications.

Try it yourself on this demo web-to-print product or learn more in extension help post .

Using list services

An unaddressed mail campaign can be enhanced by linking with various business and residential list providers for better profiling. This requires interfacing with their systems or databases. Unfortunately, there is no one standard interface for this and the extension will need to be tailored for your preferred list provider.

Magento storefront customization

Magento storefronts have almost unlimited customization ability. The look and feel of these web-to-print stores is based on so-called “themes”.  The are thousands of themes out there, ranging from free thousands of dollars. The themes are collections of PHP/CSS/JS/* files that can be further customized.

Web-to-print theme samples

These are just a few random themes used with our dynamic imaging extension. They are customized to the requirements of the storefront owner with our web-to-print added on top.

More Magento themes

Magento themes are files with PHP, HTML, CSS and other code. You may find one that fits your requirements 100% or a theme that looks close to what you need and then modify it for your storefront. Here are a few reference site to help you on your way of choosing the right theme for your store:

Free themes:

Premium themes:

There are thousands more Magento themes on Google, Bing or Blekko.

Create your own Magento web-to-print theme

Developing a truly custom Magento theme requires some skills. Any skilled Magento developer can do this for you. Check our partners and premium services to get started.

Integrate web-to-print functionality

Integrating web-to-print functionality into a theme requires some minor theme modifications. You can do these modifications yourself, use our premium service or contact one of our partners.

File uploading

This extension is no longer supported.

Dynamic File Attachments is a free Magento extension that allows asynchronous file uploading on a product page.

Magento Community Edition (free) allows assigning a file uploading option to a product but limits customers to a single file upload per field. As a store owner, you may wish to let customers upload multiple files of various sizes. Adding multiple uploading controls on a product is not always practical since the number of files may vary.

Dynamic File Attachments extension complements our lineup up of Magento extensions for web-to-print and printer storefronts.

The image on the right illustrates multiple file uploading in action. Files are queued and uploaded one by one. A file can be removed from a queue or new ones added. A user can queue up the files and leave them to upload. Try it on a demo product.


Our Magento Dynamic File Attachements extension is fully compatible with our web-to-print and other extensions.

Sign up

Choose the type of web-to-print or dynamic imaging package. Signing up is free. No strings attached.

This is the base package that gives you a fully hosted web-to-print site. Minimal effort required in setting up and you can be taking orders in minutes.

Find detailed instructions, guides and manuals in our Help section. You may be interested in branding, trial use and configuring a domain name for your new web-to-print portal.


This package requires integration between your existing website and our web-to-print and dynamic imaging API. An alternative is to use an open source e-commerce system with built-in web-to-print and dynamic imaging.


Enterprise web-to-print package is like a small copy of ZetaPrints running on your own servers. Contact us to discuss your installation and support options.


Web-to-print templates are created in CorelDRAW. They have static (doesn’t change) and variable (changed by users) parts. Templates are just like any other designs, except that you mark certain parts of them as variable.

Variable parts

Your web-to-print templates can have variable text and images.

To turn a text frame into a variable web-to-print text field, just rename its object in CorelDRAW Object Manager (Window / Dockers / Object Manager).

Same goes for image fields.

Mark the objects by renaming them and our web-to-print system will recognize them as variable image fields and let users replace data with their own.

Turn a PDF into a template

You can even convert an existing PDF file into a web-to-print template.

Demo store

You can try all features implemented in the free ZetaPrints web-to-print and access control extensions at our demo store.

We created a Magento based online store for demonstration purposes and equipped it with our web-to-print and access control extensions. The products in this store are just samples and are there to let you test all extension features. Nothing actually gets shipped and no one gets charged for orders they’ve placed.

Browse through the categories:

Dynamic imaging populated with dynamic imaging products used for on-screen view.
Interactive populated with products that have the interactive personalization option activated.
Featured populated with different kinds of products named according to the feature they demonstrate.
Classic populated with web-to-print products using default out-of-the-box extension settings.
Red and Blue categories hidden from the public and used to demonstrate category access control.

Feel free to place orders and download files. You don’t need to use real info in the checkout form, just populate required fields with dummy values and place orders.

Access control

Magento Community Edition (free) has no access control features and all products in the store are public by default. We created a simple Access Control extension to help you sell your web-to-print and dynamic imaging products to corporate customers. Sites with Magento Enterprise Edition do not need this extension.

Access control for Web-to-Print

Magento Category Access Control extension is free and can be installed on a free Community Edition website. The added functionality precisely controls who can access what products. You can still have some products available to the public. Registered users will need to log in to see their personal categories / products.


Our demo store has a number of categories available to the public. However, if you log in there as red@zetaprints.com/redpass you will also get access to a category called Red. Logging in as blue@zetaprints.com/bluepass will give you access to a category called Blue. Try it now.

Installation of Category Access Control extension

You need to have Magento Community Edition already installed. Installation of our web-to-print extension is not required for category access control. Use the links below to find out more and download the extension.

Mageparts paid alternative

As an alternative solution, you may also try MageParts’ Restrict Categories extension for Magento. It was tested compatible with our web-to-print extension and they offer free support and bug fixes.