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Getting stuck

Vendor motivation

Web to print software vendors make money when they sell you licenses, training, conferences, support, updates, upgrades, more licensing, more training and finally if you can’t make it work they sell you consulting services.

Vendors are interested in maximizing their part of the total cost of ownership. As a customer and a provider of web to print services to your customers you are interested in minimizing the cost of ownership.

Make sure you get sufficient value for money from your web to print investment.

Getting stuck

Web to print software is a perfect example of vendor lock-in. Once rolled out and in use for any significant period of time it is nearly impossible to switch. Some reasons why you would prefer to put up with an unsatisfactory web to print solution:

  • You’ve already invested $15,000+ in it
  • Template migration is not practical
  • Databases are not compatible, manual data re-entry is required
  • Users are used to the interface
  • A new web to print solution means another round of customization
  • The new URL may result in broken links from partner sites and customer Intranets

Avoiding vendor lock-in

Avoiding vendor lock-in is not easy. Ask if the web to print software vendor will provide:

  • Direct access to the database
  • A migration path should you want to switch to another web to print solution
  • Access to template files and associated data for migration