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Cost components

Our web-to-print never costs more than $1.7 per order.

On the other hand, purchasing a piece of web to print software is only one of many costs included in the total cost of ownership. Read on.

The initial investment

The cost of choosing wrong web to print software goes well beyond the cost of the software itself.

  • Product selection (chase a sales rep, schedule a demo, etc.)
  • Web to print software
  • Any additional components required?
  • Hardware (a dedicated server?)
  • Server installation and configuration
  • Web to print software installation and configuration
  • Training (administration and maintenance)

The cost of running a web to print pilot may easily double the costs. How many pilots and trials are you prepared to run?

Ongoing costs

Let us know if you find the perfect web to print software that requires no maintenance, never fails, has no bugs and doesn’t run out of space on the hard drive. In the meantime, consider these:

  • Internet traffic
  • Server administration
  • Ongoing license fees (OS, admin tools, etc.)
  • Support subscription for the web to print software
  • Annual or quarterly upgrades for the web to print software
  • Template building, uploading and management
  • Updates to product catalogs, user lists, access control, prices, discounts and other regular maintenance.

The total cost of ownership and cost per order are the two main parameters to meaningfully compare costs of similar web to print systems.

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