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Cost per order

Our web-to-print never costs more than $1.7 per order.

Find out what you may end up paying others.What really counts is how much it costs to take an order online. Cost per order is a good indicator if you will benefit from the chosen web to print software or treat it as a cost center.

Monthly cost of ownership: $2,818 = $33,824 / 12 (based on calculations provided here)

How many orders (realistically) do you expect to process per month?

Orders per day Per month Cost per order ZetaPrints
1 30 $93 $1.7
10 300 $9.4 $1.7
20 600 $4.7 $1.7
30 Oops! Time to double up your hardware. $1.7 or less

Performance limits

A single web to print server based on a $3,000 2-CPU machine will allow for approximately 2 to 3 users placing orders at the same time.
A user ordering a brochure with 10 text fields and 4 photos spends about 5 minutes on the site and requests around 10 proofs.
15sec * 10 = 150 sec, which is 50% of the time spent ordering. 2 simultaneous users have 50% chance of creating a noticeable bottleneck requesting a proof at the same time.

Ultimately, performance limits depend on the complexity of the web to print software you use, complexity of the templates, amount of image transformation and many other factors. Primitive web to print solutions may be lightning fast and very limiting in what you can use them for. Plan in advance.

ZetaPrints performance limits

ZetaPrints charges per order only.  We want to see you getting as much business through the site as you can. It is in our interest to constantly upgrade our systems. We intentionally align our interests with yours.