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Open marketplace

Too many small advertisers prefer text ads because it takes too much effort to create or commission their banners. Using ready to use banner templates eliminates this barrier. We have an open marketplace where banner templates can be traded between graphic designers and advertisers.


Choosing a suitable banner is not as easy as it sounds. A choice of 1000 templates is quickly reduced to a handful once style, color scheme, topic and size are taken into account.

All our templates are submitted by members of our design community. They vary in style, color, size and topics. They are created by different people and it ensures a good variety to choose from.


Prices for templates from the marketplace include designer royalties. Designers can either set the price at $10 or FREE. The free templates are just that – free, the users don’t pay anything for them.

Ease of use

Commissioning a banner design takes some effort. The design needs to be explained, several options produced, reviewed and changes made. It takes hours at best. Usually it is days.

Our design marketplace helps advertisers acquire a design instantly, without leaving your website.