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Creatives that work

Our image generator can produce stunning visual effects without any need for advertisers to know how it works. They only need to enter their text and upload images.

Text effects

The user doesn’t need to be concerned with applying some fancy text effect or transformation. Whatever the effect is in the template it will be applied to the new text.

Image effects

Images can go through multiple transformations to match the placeholder image in the template. No additional action is required from the user apart from uploading an image.

Mixing it all together

Layering and mixing different effects can produce absolutely stunning design. They may take hours or days to produce or they may be still simple, but visually appealing. It is in the hands of the designer. Let them get creative!

Cost of making a template

The difference between our image generator and many others is in the cost of making a template and what effects can be applied to the variable parts.

How others do it

There are lots of image generators that need a programmer or a designer with special skills to create a decent templates. A Flash template like in any of the examples above can cost hundreds of dollars + programming costs. It’s not the way we do it.

How we do it

Creating a template for our image generator costs no harder than creating the design itself because the design forms the basis of the template. The designer needs to mark which parts are variable and upload the file. No programming is required. Any designer can do it.