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Dynamic banner generation

We provide your advertisers with an online tool for creating and modifying their banners at a fraction of the price it would cost them to do through an agency. It leaves them with more money in their advertising budgets to spend on actually showing the ads.

Professional banners and D.I.Y.

An advertiser doesn’t need a designer every time a banner needs to be created or changed.

A banner can be uploaded to our web-to-print and dynamic imaging system as a template. Then it’s a matter of entering text and uploading images by the advertiser to get a finished product.

The cost of making a template is no more than the cost of designing the banner itself. The cost of making a change to the banner is a tiny fraction of what a designer or agency would charge. Besides, it’s instant.

Flexible business model

We are open to your way of doing business. Things to consider:

  • who creates and owns banner templates
  • who pays for use of our system
  • how dynamic imaging is integrated into your ad manager
  • end user prices

You can use our system purely as a convenience for advertisers and let them pay us or you can set your own prices and only pay us our dynamic imaging fees.