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Note: Dynamic imaging pricing is only indicative – the service is free while we are ironing out the bugs. The pricing will be finalized once we are out of beta.

This pricing structure applies to dynamic imaging service only. Products with output for printing are priced differently.

Account types

Single account

An ad network can be a single master account that gets a single monthly bill. The network would set its own prices and collect payments from customers. ZetaPrints provides a fully functional white-label dynamic imaging service.

Individual accounts

ZetaPrints can work directly with advertisers using our standard pricing. All charges will be billed directly to the advertisers bypassing the ad network. Advertisers will be in full control of their accounts.

Pricing options

Option 1: pay per order

All previews are generated with a clearly visible watermark. The only service you pay for is when the final output files are generated free of the watermark. There are no other fees or charges.

  • Australia – $2.2 or less per order
  • EU1.3 or less per order
  • New Zealand – $2.5 or less per order
  • UK – £0.85 or less per order
  • USA – $1.7 or less per order
  • Other countries – US$1.7 or less per order

Option 2: pay per preview

Previews are generated in ready to use form: real size, required format (jgp, png or gif), no watermark. This option is suitable for automatic banner generation and campaign management. There are no other fees or charges.

  • Australia – $2.2 per 50 previews
  • EU1.3 per 50 previews
  • New Zealand – $2.5 + GST per 50 previews
  • UK – £0.85 per 50 previews
  • USA – $1.7 per 50 previews
  • Other countries – US$1.7 per 50 previews

Preview files are stored on the site for several hours only.

Banners cannot be served from our site. They need to be uploaded to your ad manager.

Our price promise

We will try adjust the price so that the overall annual cost for you is lower than of any other similar service or software.

Payment options

  • Credit card
  • Direct payments to our bank account
  • PayPal

All charges are billed monthly to the master account. Read more in the billing section.

Free unlimited trial

We offer free unlimited use of the website until it really works for you. Free assistance for setting up and artwork conversion is available on request.