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Integration is not required to use our service, but it takes the user experience to the next level and preserves your brand integrity.

Image uploading

One of the main benefits of integrating our image generator is automatic image transfer from our system to your ad manager. Otherwise the advertiser would need to download it from our site and upload to yours. It is an absolutely unnecessary manual step.

Flash widget

We developed an open source Flash widget that can be embedded into a page in your ad manager. The widget is easy to embed, but on its own it’s a rather limited option. Users may need to leave your ad manager to complete some transactions or make a payment.

A single integrated interface

The same Flash widget can be supplemented with other integrated features for search, payments and account management. It will require some programming effort at your end, but will remove any need for advertisers to leave your site before the transaction is complete.

Automatic image generation

Large advertisers will benefit for automatic image generation. Banners can be updated in bulk with data coming from the advertiser’s database without any manual data entry.

Campaign-wide banner update

The same process can be applied to multiple banners at the same time. For example, an advertiser has 20 different banners in a single campaign and changes “daily special” information. An integrated solution can do it all in one step taking few seconds.

Database driven image generation

The same image generation process can be fully automated with the data fed into ZetaPrints from some external source, such as a customer’s CMS and the updated banners get placed into the ad managers without any human intervention.