We made changes to how the top banners are handled on your web-to-print site.

  • Banners can now be of any size, any file type.
  • Banner cannot be uploaded to ZetaPrints web-to-print system any more. You need to upload them to your own web server and enter the banner URL into ZetaPrints.
  • There is one default banner per web-to-print portal that is displayed on all pages, unless otherwise is specified.
  • Any catalog can have its own banner that is displayed when the catalog is active.
  • Catalog banner should sit on your own web sever as well.

All existing banners were moved to a new location on one of our web servers and will remain there while in use. No action is required for current web-to-print portal owners.

The Help link at the top of any page is different for web-to-print user and printers/designers. We provide a generic web-to-print help site for users under your own domain name. Log out and click on Help to view.

JavaScript disabled

We added a new web-to-print system message if JavaScript is disabled. It appears at the top-left corner of the screen. You need to disable JavaScript for your domain to see it. The message contains 3 links on how to enable JavaScript for different types of browsers.

You need to create matching entries if you provide custom web-to-print help. Read more about the new structure.

Custom Help URL problem

If you entered a base help URL with a file name the links will not work. E.g. if your base HELP URL is

  • http://www.example.com/help/ordering.html

then the JavaScript link will look like this: 

  • http://www.example.com/help/ordering.html/enable-javascript-in-mozilla-firefox/

See, it’s now an invalid URL?

In this case you would need to:

  1. Change your base Help URL to http://www.example.com/help/
  2. Make ordering.html the default page for that location (change it to index.html on Apache or default.html on IIS)
  3. Create a matching page for /enable-javascript-in-mozilla-firefox/

Then the help link will be http://www.example.com/help/enable-javascript-in-mozilla-firefox/ and should work just fine. Copy our help contents if you want or write your own.


Don’t like the cute yellow ZetaPrints logo on every page of your web-to-print portal? No more!

Go to BRANDING / Page layout and enter a URL of your own favicon.ico.

Sorry, you need some server to put it on first, but at least you have this option now.

More in web-to-print help.

Order cancellations

You may have this problem if you are selling consumer web-to-print products – a web-to-print order was placed and paid for, then canceled, re-ordered and paid again. What a mess!

Now you can go to BRANDING / Page layout and specify a URL of your cancellation and refund policy. If a user tried to cancel a paid order the system will not cancel the order, but will redirect the user to this page instead. You can go and cancel the order any time.

You need to create this policy page on your WWW website. There is also a more advanced option to handle refunds automatically, if you want. Read this web-to-print help post for more info.

Cluster reboot

We will need to re-boot the entire cluster in a few hours. A few minutes of downtime are possible.

If you are using ZetaPrints web-to-print within a Magento site it’s likely you are running an old user interface. Please, switch to the new.

  • Log in to your web-to-print system as a printer
  • Go to BRANDING / Page layout
  • Choose New from Page layout dropdown.

This new interface has no additional links to take a user astray from the IFRAME. Besides, we do not support the old interface. It is there for those who doesn’t like change, a wish which we respect fully.

The new web-to-print interface hides everything from the page if shown in an iframe, except for the elements needed to update and save the preview. If you sill want to hide even more or re-arrange the screen you need to invest in a bit of CSS and JavaScript work.

We updated most of our free web-to-print skins.


  • Fixed some bugs and inconsistencies in the UI.
  • Changed the emphasis of controls to make it easier for users to navigate.

The old skins that some of you are using remain unchanged. There will be no update to those files. All the updated skins are sitting in a new location. You have 3 options:

  • Keep using your current skin as is. No action required.
  • Switch to the new skin and get automatic updates. Go to http://www.zetaprints.com/help/category/skins/, choose a skin and grab the new files location.
  • Grab skin files, place them on your own web server and make changes as you wish. Download ZIP files or check out of SVN.

The new skins will be constantly updated at their new location. We are looking forward to your feedback on what should be changed to make them better.