The generic look of deault ZetaPrints styles can now be changed into your unique skin. It may not be as easy as it sounds, but a decent web designer should be able to help here. More about custom css …

How it works

  • Create a CSS file that redefines existing styles and possibly defines new ones.
  • Upload the CSS to your main hosting (where your WWW-website sits)
  • Grab the URL of the CSS and enter into CSS URL text box on your branding page

We cannot host your custom CSS. it’s better to host it under the same top domain as your ordering website to avoid security issues with some browsers.

What can be changed

Colors, fonts, margins, bullets, backgrounds, buttons, input controls, rounded corners, fancy gradients and all the rest of it. You get a comprehensive control of the website skin.

Don’t like the default looks? Change them!

How to get it all done

  1. Find 5 websites you like
  2. Get a clear idea of what you want
  3. Find a freelance web designer (lots of them out there on Elance, oDesk and other sites)
  4. Show them your ordering website and the 5 websites you like
  5. Explain what it is you want
  6. The designer will go away, produce the CSS for you and upload it to your website when ready

This type of work is likely to cost you between $100 and $500.

Remember that they do not need to style printer pages. Only what users see matters, but feel free to redefine all styles if you want.

If you are using ZetaPrints web-to-print within a Magento site it’s likely you are running an old user interface. Please, switch to the new.

  • Log in to your web-to-print system as a printer
  • Go to BRANDING / Page layout
  • Choose New from Page layout dropdown.

This new interface has no additional links to take a user astray from the IFRAME. Besides, we do not support the old interface. It is there for those who doesn’t like change, a wish which we respect fully.

The new web-to-print interface hides everything from the page if shown in an iframe, except for the elements needed to update and save the preview. If you sill want to hide even more or re-arrange the screen you need to invest in a bit of CSS and JavaScript work.