We made changes to how the top banners are handled on your web-to-print site.

  • Banners can now be of any size, any file type.
  • Banner cannot be uploaded to ZetaPrints web-to-print system any more. You need to upload them to your own web server and enter the banner URL into ZetaPrints.
  • There is one default banner per web-to-print portal that is displayed on all pages, unless otherwise is specified.
  • Any catalog can have its own banner that is displayed when the catalog is active.
  • Catalog banner should sit on your own web sever as well.

All existing banners were moved to a new location on one of our web servers and will remain there while in use. No action is required for current web-to-print portal owners.

The Help link at the top of any page is different for web-to-print user and printers/designers. We provide a generic web-to-print help site for users under your own domain name. Log out and click on Help to view.

JavaScript disabled

We added a new web-to-print system message if JavaScript is disabled. It appears at the top-left corner of the screen. You need to disable JavaScript for your domain to see it. The message contains 3 links on how to enable JavaScript for different types of browsers.

You need to create matching entries if you provide custom web-to-print help. Read more about the new structure.

Custom Help URL problem

If you entered a base help URL with a file name the links will not work. E.g. if your base HELP URL is

  • http://www.example.com/help/ordering.html

then the JavaScript link will look like this: 

  • http://www.example.com/help/ordering.html/enable-javascript-in-mozilla-firefox/

See, it’s now an invalid URL?

In this case you would need to:

  1. Change your base Help URL to http://www.example.com/help/
  2. Make ordering.html the default page for that location (change it to index.html on Apache or default.html on IIS)
  3. Create a matching page for /enable-javascript-in-mozilla-firefox/

Then the help link will be http://www.example.com/help/enable-javascript-in-mozilla-firefox/ and should work just fine. Copy our help contents if you want or write your own.