Released only minutes ago, some long awaited user management features to make life of web-to-print printer accounts easier.

Add user and User profile page

You can add a user to the web-to-print database and then assign the user to multiple web-to-print catalogs using a new user profile page. You can still do it per-catalog.

Full user profiles can be viewed on the new user profile page. Profiles accessible through Add user or clicking on user name in lists of users per catalog.

You can edit profiles of your customers, but only for those without a password. Once the password is set up the profile can be edited by the user only.  More …

Anonymous orders can be assigned to users

An order placed by an unregistered user can be assigned to an existing user or a new one. Click on Assign to user link on order details page and follow the instruction.  More …

A lot of emails sent to Yahoo mail users get delayed by Yahoo and then blocked.

There is absolutely no reason for them to do so as we only send transactional emails about web-to-print orders and registration info. Our IP address is not listed in any spam databases either. No good as it’s hurting web-to-print sales of our customers. :(

We contacted Yahoo about this, so hopefully it will get resolved in the coming hours.

In the meantime, it may be a good idea to follow up customers with emails personally.

We’d like to see all non-delivery reports, if you can be bothered.