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Blogpaper advertising

Launching your own blog in print is a challenging project. One of the difficulties you may encounter is dealing with print advertising.

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Print advertising reality

Running ads on a blog is a trivial process. Google AdSense, DoubleClick or any other advertising network will provide you with ads from advertisers at a market rate. Print advertising is different. Print advertising in a blogpaper is even more specific.

  • Do your own sales
  • Help advertisers with their ad designs
  • Remind advertisers to place an ad before the due date
  • Collect payments

None of these would be your worry in an online-only edition. On the upside, you can command a much higher price in print than what AdSense would ever offer you. Also, ZetaPrints web-to-print software can fully automate most of the processes to help you concentrate on the content of the blogpaper.


The sales approach really depends on the focus of your blogpaper. In any case, your advertisers will be businesses and organisations you can identify and approach directly. Long term advertising deals will save you a lot of time, but a constant stream of small advertisers can be much more profitable.

Unlike online advertising, print has a publishing deadline. You do need to get ads ready and approved before the due date. In reality, casual advertisers need constant reminders and courtesy phone calls to make sure the ads are ready on time. ZetaPrints helps you minimize this effort with our FREE reminder service.


Do not expect your advertisers to come to you with their ads in a print-ready format. On the contrary, most will expect you to provide them with an attractive ad design at no additional cost. Usually it takes several design-proof-design iterations before the client is fully satisfied. Many businesses require changes to their ads on a regular basis (specials, new stock, etc). ZetaPrints helps you minimize this time consuming activity as well.

Problems solved

ZetaPrints provides you with a simple and powerful web-to-print platform to help with sales and design tasks. Preparing page layouts and advetisements manually requires staff and infrastructure. We offer you an agile solution with pay-as-you-go model.

For casual advertisers

Our extensive design collection is a good starting point for your casual advertisers to choose a design, customize it with their name, products, specials etc. The collection consists of designs submitted by an open community of graphic designers, so there is always something fresh to choose from. It is constantly growing in size and quality.

Your advertisers would find a design they like, customize it and you get a print-ready PDF file to insert into your print edition. You will be charged $5 for the design (passed onto the designer as royalties) + $1.7 for ad booking (full pricing).

In case your advertiser can’t find a suitable design just let us know and we will inform the designers about the need. Alternatively, you can commission the design to a designer with most suitable templates already on the site. Usually it is a matter of adjusting an existing design.

For regular advertisers

Regular advertisers may run the same ad over a long period of time or require constant changes. It is very easy to set up their templates on ZetaPrints and let them change their ads themselves any time they need. You download a PDF file to insert into your print edition. The setting up process can be done by you or outsourced to any designer from our online community. The cost is $1.7 per ad booking (full pricing).

Payments collection

ZetaPrints can help you collect payments from your advertisers when they prepare the artwork. The advertising cost will be added to their total bill. They will not be able to access their PDF files until the payment is completed. This is a FREE service. We charge no commission and all payments go directly to your account.

Deadline reminders

We have a complimentary service to remind your advertisers about your publishing deadlines. Reminders are served via email (free) or text messages (rates vary). We also remind you if they are going to miss the deadline so you can contact them before it’s too late.


It is always better to be a niche player with no direct competition. The reality may be different. Your strengths can be the very open and social nature of your publication, ease of advertising with you and extremely low costs of production.

Flying Pickle became possible only because we slashed their costs and pre-press activity to the minimum.