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Blogpaper delivery

Blogpaper needs a physical delivery channel. The whole purpose is to put it into the hands of a reader. Your options depend on where you are, where your readers are and what services are available in your area.

Volunteers, friends and family

This is how our case study subject, Flying Pickle, started out. Their web-to-print publication was community-orientated and not-for-profit. They had no problem finding people to deliver 100 – 300 copies to letterboxes around them. For many it was an excuse to get out and do a bit of walking in the fresh air.

Pick-up points

Setting up baskets or boxes with few hundred copies in supermarkets, petrol stations, shops, malls and other public places is a good and inexpensive option. Advertisers may not rate your web-to-print publication as high as the one delivered directly to letterboxes.

Paid distributors

Flying Pickle switched to paid distributors as soon as they got some cashflow. The timing and reliability of the service improved. Most residents were picking up the paper on the same day on the way back from home.

Postal delivery services

Postal authorities usually have special services for delivering un-addressed mail, as long as it conforms to their junk-mail policies. This may be a slower and more expensive option. If your readers do not live in a compact area it may be the only viable one.

Alternative delivery services

Commercial companies delivering junk mail in your area will be happy to include your blogpaper in the pile. The obvious disadvantage is the contempt it will be treated with. Letterboxes with “no junk mail” labels may never get your publication.