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Web-to-print for businesses

Web-to-print process for businesses

Web-to-print templates

Product templates are created by graphic designers and uploaded to your web-to-print portal by someone with graphic design skills and tools. Most likely it will be your current design agency or it can be any other graphic designer.

Once the templates are uploaded they can be changed by your staff online. No special tools or skills are required. Anyone can do it.

Output for print

Your web-to-print portal will generate output files as part of an order and forward them to your print provider.  You control who, when and how.

Changing a print provider becomes as simple as changing an email address of the recipient.

Output for internal use

Staff members can download the output files and use them for their own purpose. It will take them minutes to prepare a marketing brochure that would normally take many hours or day if they had to involve a designer.

Saving time and money

The design agency that looks after your graphic designs may not like this online ordering idea. You won’t be calling them every time you need a change of name on a business card and they can’t bill you for it any more.

They will need to produce templates, which is no harder or more expensive than producing the design itself. The rest is done online by your staff and your web-to-print portal to save everyone time and money.