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Large businesses

Managing your graphic design needs with a large number of staff can be slow and costly. Probably your printer and your ad agency do it for you. It costs you money and makes you dependent on them.

Template-based ordering

Having a web-to-print portal with your branded designs makes it easy for your staff to order print, place ads or create display banners for Internet advertising. It is faster and cheaper to use our web-to-print service than using designers to make manual changes.

Access control and approvals

Access to your web-to-print portal is fully controlled by you. It can be open to any member of the staff or locked down with access by selected users only.

Output files generated by the portal can be sent directly to the intended recipient or go through a simple approval process.

Security and integration

Our service is fully hosted and sits outside your Intranet. However, it can be completely hidden from outsiders and accessed from within your corporate network only.

Integration of the portal into your Intranet applications such as CRM or procurement can make it even friendlier with a single sign on and information flow between the systems.

Output for print or Internet

Personalizing a business card design is not much different from personalizing an Internet banner. Our web-to-print system can handle both equally well. Banner advertising is a lot easier if you have the creatives prepared in minutes at negligible or no cost. It can even be done automatically with data from your DB or CMS.