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Founding members

This page is a small token to the first few designers that recognised the value and potential of our service. We list their names and links to their websites and portfolios for the lifetime of this website. Thank you guys for your support!

Ionut Paslaru

ionut_creadro.jpg Ionut is an awesome chap from Bucharest, Romania. He helped us a lot doing little design job, debugging CSS and picking browser incompatibilities. His designs have strict, corporate features and he’s really good at making logos.

Olga and Sasha

Olga is a professional graphic designer and Alexander is an artist from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. They are our colour picking and layout authority. Olga is really good at it. Sasha (also known as Черный or Chernii or Black in English) is an extraordinary digital artist. His 3D designs are amazing and he’s got a few key topics unique to him. We like their wit and professional approach.

Tippu Qureshi

web-to-print designerSultan is a professional designer from USA. He’s a busy man, but still finds time and inspiration to upload a few designs now and then. Some of his ideas are so good, we buy them lock stock and barrel and release as free samples or use in tutorials.