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Beta release: ZetaPrints web to print service does not collect payments for products generated from designer’s templates at the moment. The service is free until an official release.

Free web to print designs for self-promotion

As a designer you have a choice of charging for use of your templates or not. It’s your choice. We do not charge customers for your free designs either. Free designs is an excellent way to promote your design talent and get more custom design work directly from users.

50% commission

We have a scale of nominal prices per template. You get 50% of what the purchase price every time someone uses your design. You can collect your royalties monthly for as long as the design is being used.

Refunds and cancellations

Customers may request a refund within 7 days of purchasing a web-to-print design if it has technical flaws and is not suitable for the purpose it was purchased. Designers are paid only for completed transactions.
For example, a customer may request a refund if the PDF file has low grade images that looked fine on the screen, but are unsuitable for printing. Our staff would check the files, refund the paid amount and disable the template until it is improved. We will also assist you with improving your web-to-print templates.