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Templates for Web

Image templates are made in CorelDRAW 12, X3 or X4. You do not have to use CorelDRAW to create the design itself. Use any vector graphic application you want to produce a PDF or SVG file and then import it into CorelDRAW.

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Target practical applications

The Internet is full of specially designed images: banner ads, buttons, menus, tabs, creative headers, you name it.

People build websites using simple online tools without any special skills. You can give them an option of filling their websites with creative imagery personalized by them using your templates.

Variable fields and images

It is easy to make variable text and image fields in Corel. We have several video tutorials for you in the help section. It will take approximately 15 minutes before you can create your first template. The rest is easy.

Template quality

We never judge your artwork. It is up to users to choose what they like. Our main concern is the output quality of the final product. It must be sufficient for the intended purpose. E.g. if you make a 250px x 250px banner template that is actually 252px wide it will distort and lead to customer frustration.