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We buy designs

ZetaPrints buys selected graphic designs in bulk. The graphic designs sitting idle on your disks can be a treasure find for many of our customers if converted into web-to-print templates.

Design types

We buy almost any designs as long as they are practical and can be converted into templates.

Some common web-to-print designs include:

Practical: the web-to-print design is a complete product for an end user, not just a pretty picture. E.g. an illustrated book where users may type in their own story is practical, but a single book illustration is not. Refer to our product guides.

Convertible: the design was produced using vector application (Freehand, AI, InDD, CorelDRAW, Quark XPress, etc) and the variable texts are stored as texts, not images nor curves.

Buying process

Email your designs as images to support@zetaprints.com for consideration. We may also need to see the vector files to ensure they are convertible.

Option 1 – sale as a design

We can purchase a design before it is converted into a template and give it to another designer to do the conversion. Your authorship will be acknowledged, but the commission on sales will be paid to the other designer. You get paid within a few days after the designs have been checked.

Option 2 – sale as a template

You convert your designs into templates and upload them to ZetaPrints website. We pay within a few days after the template has been tested by us. You retain full copyright and our standard commission on all sales.

This is the preferred option. We will give you necessary assistance to understand how to convert your designs into templates.


We prefer to pay via Paypal upon completion of your assignment.

The prices range between $3-$10 per page of design or per single item.

Sample design prices (option #1):

  • Simple logo – $3
  • Really cool logo – $5
  • One-side business card – $5
  • Double-side business card – $5 x 2 = $10
  • A4 leaflet – $7
  • A4 double-side tri-fold brochure – $7 x 6 = $42

Sample template prices (option #2):

  • Logo – $5 to $7
  • Everything else – $7 to $10 per page