Avanti Systems, best known for their modular Print Management Information System (Print MIS), has more than 20 years in the industry of providing business management solutions. They have developed eAcess as an addition to their print solutions suite.  eAcess is a web to print system that primarily provides printers with a portal where print order transactions can be facilitated online.

The eAcess web to print system has basic e-commerce functionality like shopping cart and online catalog interface.  As is though, it doesn’t allow credit card payment options.  To enable this, eAcess has to be integrated with Avanti’s Web Payment module. For variable data printing, eAccess allows minimal personalization through template forms of products like business cards and stationery. Personalized print items can be verified by customers through the soft-proofing module.

eAccess web-to-print can be fully integrated with Avanti’s Print MIS and all of its modules can be customized and scaled depending on the needs of a client. Possibly, a contract price for the web to print solution is determined only after system customization requirements have been completely laid down.  Avanti offers onsite training and documentation based on a client’s tailored eAccess system.

Avanti eAcess Web to Print modules:

1. Fulfillment/Online Catalog – This is the e-commerce module of eAccess. It is a customizable fulfillment catalog where print products can be displayed. The module allows keeping track of inventory and has a back order function that works when there are inventory shortages.

2. RFQ – The Request For Quotation module of eAccess or RFQ, provides customers with an online form where they can instantly get the cost of a print job order.

Avanti eAccess Web to Print Request For Quotation

3. Job Submission –  eAccess has an interface where print job orders can be submitted and files with artwork can be uploaded. Received orders are acknowledged, and order tracking numbers are sent  through emails.

4. Order Approval –   Multi-level approval structure  is set through this module.  Personnel assigned to approve print orders are notified via email once a print job is submitted.  Since the print budget limits are defined, an approver can immediately see if a job order should be given a go signal or cancelled.

Avanti eAccess Web to Print Job Submission Module Place an Order

5. Variable Form Template – letterhead, envelopes, business cards and stationery and other print products that has variable data can be personalized through eAcess web to print.

6. Soft Proofing – Customers can check personalized print orders through this module. The print job files are then converted to PDF. Time of approval of proofs are noted on the files.

Avanti Web to Print eAcess Variable Data Template Variable Data Printing

Consumer storefrontYes
Corporate storefrontYes
Interactive personalization
E-commerce featuresCustomizable online catalog, shopping cart, can be integrated with Web Module to allow credit card payment options
CMS features
CRM features
MIS features
Personalization featuresVariable Form Templates
PlatformMicrosoft Technologies
Plugins required
Volume limits
Storefront branding
VDP engineWeb-based Variable Form Templates supports 2-sided variable form templates; module can produce soft proofs.
Approval workflowManagers keep track of allowed print expenditure through the order approval module of eAccess.
Data import-export
Job ticketing
File uploadingeAccess has an interface for submitting print jobs and other attaching files needed for
Owned byAvanti Computer Systems
Contract type
Value added services
Sign up & installationImplemenation of Avanti solutions begin with client's system requirement investigaton, and the customization of the core system, before installation.
Quoting & estimatingeAccess RFQ or Request For Quote is an interactive form through which job costing and estimation can be facilitated for the clients.
Sales information
IntegrationeAccess can be fully integrated with Avanti Print Management Information System
DemosFree online demo is available upon request.
Free trial
SupportRemote Desktop Connection, Telephone, Email; Avanti also has an online forum where system users can discuss and share ideas regarding issues on Avanti systems about
DocumentationDocumentation is provided.
TrainingOn-site training based on a client's customized system needs is provided
ContactTelephone, Fax, Email
Privacy statement
Copyright statement
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