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One of the leading publications in printing and publishing from North America. The website has tons of interesting and original material on web-to-print, print, publishing, marketing and everything else related.

They have a very good team of knowledgeable writers. The online edition is supplementary to the print edition (circa 25,000), or the other way around depending on where you are in relation to the digital divide.


GWG (The Ghent PDF Workgroup) is an international organization building best practice for publishing workflows to make it easier create, process, and exchange graphic arts files for numerous applications.

Bascially, GWG is a professional standards and recommendations body with members in 13 countries and counting.

Their work includes:

  • Application settings for different output intent
  • Test suits
  • Job ticket templates
  • PDF and PDF/X specifications and FAQ

Join their discussion or get support in the area of their expertise.


i-graphix is a print/web publication for printing industry in Asia-Pacific. Based in Australia they cover Australia and New Zealand.

Publications include:

  • Australian Printer
  • Asia-Pacific Packaging
  • New Zealand Printer
  • Inky Fingers

The website is updated with a constant news stream and articles. They do have a good stable of articles on web-to-print and marketing.


Print21 is an excellent print publication and a website published by Printing Industries Association of Australia. They cover New Zealand as well.

The print publication is full of interesting and original material on 80 or so glossy pages. The amount of advertising is very reasonable. Overall, it is must-read for any printing professional in Australasia. Highly recommended.

The website gets most of the articles from the print edition. Get their updates on Twitter.


Printing Impressions is one of industry specific publications by North American Publishing Co. It comes out monthly and claims circulation of over 70,000 copies, which is quite impressive.

The magazine is full of editorial content on a wide range of topics. Some of it is re-published on the website. They have a small web-to-print section. It is a highly professional publication with in-depth analysis, interesting interview and industry insight.


PrintSpeak is a news and PR aggregator from UK focusing on printing and publishing industry. Most of the content is from vendors and manufacturers. The news and articles are well categorized and can be searched for or browsed by keywords and topics. It’s an excellent source of high quality industry information in one place.

The do carry some web-to-print and dynamic imaging information related information and articles.