ColorGATE is a software development company with an impressive stable of RIP, workflow and color management software for printing industry. One of the solutions is dedicated to web-to-print.

ColorGate web-to-print

CG web-to-print software sounds flash and has a lot of features, but there is simply no way to verify anything because no live demo or an identifiable customer website is available. One of the demo websites ( featured in this demo video ( says it’s coming soon. It has been for quite a while. Another site ( featured in their marketing is password protected.

ColorGATE’s web-to-print solution comes in two packages:

  1. Web-to-print ASP
  2. Web-to-print Unlimited

ASP version of the web-to-print package is somewhat limited to the templates built in it. It does contain some basic layouts for business cards, posters, banners and other common printing products that can be personalized completely. ASP stands for Application Service Providing, meaning that you use the updated software via powerful server technology. Administration, data backup or servers are all taken care of for you.

The limit for data storage is 4GB, which is enough to host a tiny website with a handful of products and a hardly ever any orders. 4GB is nothing when it comes to web-to-print.

Unlimited version of the web-to-print package contains all the features of the ASP version and a significant number of additional options as well. The best of which is the interactive PDF editor that allows customers to personalize your PDF files online. Apart from uploading ready PDF files to be used as templates in your store, the software can create PDF files from Microsoft Office files (Word and PowerPoint) automatically.

They also offer an option of integrating an external module for accessing your Fotolia account. This means that your customers can have access to over 12 million images to use in the personalization.


This is where things get tricky. Keeping in mind that the cheaper (ASP Web-to-print) annual license is almost 6000€, it just doesn’t seem affordable for small businesses. On top of that, they also take a cut depending on the profit you’ve made. Starting from 5% for 1€ and coming down to 2% if you’ve made 5000€.

If you want to take advantage of the Ultimate web-to-print package, the license will cost you 40.000€ not including some modules that come at an extra cost. You might as well hire a renaissance painter to stand by the phone and take orders from customers for that kind of money.

Consumer storefrontYes
Corporate storefrontYes
Interactive personalizationYes. Interactive PDF template editing available in the "Unlimited" version of the web-to-print package only.
E-commerce features
CMS features
CRM features
MIS featuresPrinttalk, JDF, Datev are available through additional optional modules.
Personalization featuresYes
Plugins requiredFlash
Volume limits4GB of data for the ASP web-to-print package. Expandable to 2GB more for 550 € annual fee.
Storefront brandingBasic
VDP engine
Approval workflowMultistage authorization management
Data import-export
Job ticketingYes
File uploadingYes
Owned byColorGATE
Contract typeMonthly (or annual) licensing fees. "Unlimited" version of the web-to-print package is a single licensing fee.
Value added services
Sign up & installation
Quoting & estimatingAutomated quote preparation
Impositionan optional module in "Ultimate" package only at an extra cost
LanguagesEnglish, German + can be translated in other languages.
Sales information
PricingDetailed pricing info available
DemosVideo demonstrations only.
Free trialNo
SupportAccessible only to customers
TrainingWorkshops held in Hannover, Germany. Detailed pricing and application form available in a downloadable PDF.
ContactContact form, Phone (pay per support call)
Privacy statement
Copyright statement
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