Flexcubed is a web to print solution written entirely in Flash and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)l. Dynamic imaging and online preview is available through the software’s WYSIWYG Editor. The editor comes with a library that has few templates and design elements for  customization of business cards, greeting cards, and t-shirts, but clients are supposed to create and add their own web-to-print templates.

Flexcubed offers full documentation and complete source code with their web to print solutions package.

The system doesn’t have advanced built-in CMS,  CRM ,and E-commerce features. It is more of a plugin to complement some other website.

Flexcubed WYSIWYG Editor allows interactive personalization and online preview.

Flexcubed Web to Print WYSIWYG Editor Business Card Templates

Flexcubed’s editor library contains limited cliparts and graphic design elements but clients may upload photos or create and add templates.

Flexcubed Dynamic Imaging Clipart Library

Text personalization is available. Fonts may also be added in the library.

Flexcubed Web to Print Text Personalization

The demo site has only Women’s T-Shirt Templates (front, back, sleeve) are available in the WYSIWYG editor library.

Flexcubed Web to Print Custom T-Shirt Templates

Like business cards customization, or personalization of greeting cards, t-shirt customization is done using templates and design elements in Flexcubed WYSIWYG Editor.

Flexcubed Dynamic Imaging Custom Design T-shirt

Through online preview, clients can immediately see how the output may look like before submitting a print job.

Flexcubed Web to Print Online Preview

Consumer storefrontYes
Corporate storefront
Interactive personalizationYes
E-commerce features
CMS features
CRM features
MIS features
Personalization featuresWYSIWYG Editor
Plugins requiredFlash
Volume limits
Storefront brandingDefault theme - "Kingnare" theme from ScaleNine but any downloaded skin can also be implemented; CSS file can also be tweaked
VDP engine
Approval workflow
Data import-export
Job ticketing
File uploading
Owned bySynergetic Laboratories
Contract type
Value added services
Sign up & installationMinimal installation requirements: PHP server, shared hosting, MYSQL database; Software may be installed on multiple systems within the same organization but it may not be distributed to other companies or third parties.
Quoting & estimating
Sales information
APIComes with full source code including all classes used, mxml files, build samples, serversides and theme files
DemosOnline Demo on 3 product types are available on the website: businesscards, greeting cards, and tshirts.
Free trial
SupportSynergic Laboratories Support can be requested through a contact form in the website
DocumentationFull documentation with instructions on how to add products, cliparts, generate embeded fonts, and application administration comes with the package.
ContactContact form, email
Privacy statementFlexcubed will not share personal identifiable information of clients BUT they may share demographic information with its business partners provided that if published and /or shared, it will be only on an aggregated basis, which is not personally identifiable.
Copyright statement

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