GoPrint2 provides means to bridge printing businesses with their customers’ personal computers. Users can drag and drop their Word, PDF, CorelDRAW etc. files in a branded desktop application installed on their computer. This application then automatically converts the supplied file into to a printable PDF that can be uploaded to a predefined website.

End user web-to-print software installation

End users (your customers) would need to download and install software on their computers to use this solution. The installer is an executable file for Mac or Windows. It may be extremely difficult to convince users to install anything on their computers. Corporate environments prohibit any unauthorized installations as a rule.

Does it all come down to the eternal file transfer paradox?

Free alternatives

There are reliable and free alternatives for file transfer services like Dropbox, yousendit. They offer various ways of file transfer using a browser only.

Free basic website (no web-to-print)

Once you’ve setup the account and your customers get the hang of the procedure, it could prove convenient. You can also take advantage of the module that includes a simple website solution under (ex. ttp:// domain. This simple website comes built in with basic info and is already set to accept customer account registration and print job file uploads as well as download links for your personalized desktop application.

Using a basic HTML editor, you can populate your website with content and add/delete pages as needed.

There is also an optional page you can activate that comes equipped with an external web-to-print eCard Builder, developed by AmazingPrint.

Parent Company

GOPrint2 is just one of the products developed and owned by RacadTech Inc. They also have a dynamic imaging solution called

Consumer storefrontYes
Corporate storefrontNo
Interactive personalizationNo
E-commerce featuresNo
CMS featuresYes
CRM features
MIS features
Personalization featuresNo
PlatformWin, Mac
Plugins requiredYes. Customers need to download and install driver on their computers
Volume limits
Storefront brandingYes
VDP engine
Approval workflow
Data import-export
Job ticketingYes
File uploadingYes
Owned byRacadTech Inc.
Contract type
Value added services
Sign up & installationPrinters sign up for an account while their customers download and install a special driver software on local machines.
Quoting & estimating
LanguagesEnglish, Français and Español
Sales information
PricingDepending on the modules in use but should not exceed a monthly fee of $35 US ($50 including the website)
Free trial30 Day Free Trial
ContactContact Form, Telephone, Email
Privacy statementUnavailable
Copyright statementUnavailable
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