Infigo is a UK-based software company that offers 3 types of web to print solutions: Infigo Commercial, Infigo Corporate, and Infigo VDPInfigo Retail is an add-on available to Infigo Commercial; it has e-commerce features online quoting, and payment for print transactions. Website branding or customization is done primarily with Adobe Flash. Depending on the IT Infrastructure and capabilities of a business, Infigo’s web to print system  can be installed on-site on a clients’ servers, or through internet based hosted installation.

Infigo offers an SDK for .NET, but it required Silverlight plugin installed in the browser which makes it impractical for most applications.

Infigo Web to Print solutions:

  • Infigo Commercial – allows creation,  proofing, and submission of print jobs online
  • Infigo Retail – e-commerce add on for Infigo Commercial
  • Infigo Corporate –  allows instant approval and sending of print jobs from local network to the Infigo web to print server
  • Infigo VDP –  variable data printing solution that allows personalization  of  images, text, and advance text effects with the use of the system’s designer tools compatible with both PC and Mac

Infigo Web to Print upload your own artwork

Consumer storefrontYes; Infigo Commercial
Corporate storefrontYes; Infigo Corporate
Interactive personalizationYes
E-commerce featuresInfigo Retail is an add-on e-commerce feature available for Infigo Commercial
CMS features
CRM features
MIS features
Personalization featuresOnline preview, editing, and proofing
PlatformMicrosoft.NET version 3.5
Plugins requiredInfigo VI Designer, Infigo Go VI VDP, Infigo Go VI Adobe Reader; Adobe Flash Player for website customization
SaaSYes; Infigo Internet Hosted Installation Option
StandaloneYes; Infigo Server Insatallation Option
Volume limits
Storefront brandingavailable for internet based hosted installation option
VDP engineAdobe PDF Variable Print Utility
Approval workflowOnline approval typically involving line manager sign off and assignment of purchase orders
ReportingOn-demand reports and progress reports are available for Infigo Corporate solutions
Data import-export
Job ticketingJob tracking feature
File uploadingprint job upload facility- max. file size per upload is 15 MB; Adobe fileprint feature
Owned by
Contract type
Value added servicesPromotional offers and banner advertising feature on home page available for Infigo Retail; collateral stock control, brand management through Infigo Corporate
Sign up & installationoptions: onsite server installation or internet based hosted installation
Quoting & estimatingOnline job quotation and costing capabilities
LanguagesEnglish, German
Sales information
IntegrationInfigo SDK for .NET, LDAP integration
Free trialDownloadable trial version
Contactphone, email
Privacy statement
Copyright statement
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