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Online Print Solutions started in the industry 9 years ago. At present, they have a mature web to print product suite that can handle corporate print management,  dynamic design, marketing, variable data printing and  retail.  Separate web to print modules deal with each of these areas.

Online Print Solutions Modules

Retail Solutions

The OPS Retail Solutions module offers template-based interactive personalization, online proofing, pre-flight, and online print job submission at a business to customer level. From the main page of the OPS Retail Site, users can view the product catalog , upload a print job, manage orders, and access the web dashboard. Users can also navigate to the Approval Page, VWeb Module, Reports, and the Administration Menu. The shopping cart is prominently displayed on the page. If there are any products ready for check-out, computation of the quantity and amount of order is shown.

Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions onlineprintsolutions web to print retail solutions product catalog

The Products Menu and the View Products Catalog link on the main page of the OPS Retail Site lead to the same product catalog.  There are 7 main product categories on the catalog:

  1. Corporate Stationery
  2. Customizable Marketing Material
  3. Email Templates
  4. On-Demand Sales Collateral
  5. V-Print and Image Builder Combo
  6. Variable Data Marketing
  7. Website Templates
  • The corporate stationery category includes 2 products, business cards and letterheads. As is, there are 2 business card templates, and 1 letterhead template available in the system. Users can create more templates following the built-in template creation rules of the OPS system.

Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions Custom Business Card Online Print Solutions Retail Solutions Interactive Personalization Business Cards Online Print Solutions Retail Solutions Interactive Customization Letterhead Online Print Solutions Retail Solutions Personalized Corporate Stationery

Sales Collateral

  • Through the OPS Retail Site, On-demand Sales Collateral can be ordered online whenever needed by field marketing staff. Ordering is done simply by choosing the item and indicating the desired quantity to be ordered. PDF previews are available for download as well.

Online Print Solutions Retail Solutions On-Demand Sales Collateral

Web-to-print collaboration

  • The GroupCanvas module through the LiveSession feature allows users to collaborate on dynamically designing a print job. Users can be invited to join a design session where they can all view the same screen and input changes online. On the OPS Retail Solutions, campaign materials can be customized through the GroupCanvas module. Templates for a 2-page corporate brochure and a 1-page real estate flyer are available on the OPS Retail Site.

OnlinePrintSolutions Retail Solutions Customizable BrochureOnline Print Solutions Web to Print Customizable Ad Campaign Online Print Solutions Web to Print Customizable Real Estate Brochure

Variable data printing

  • Variable Data Printing is possible through the VPrint and Image Builder Combo feature of OPS. This feature allows personalization of marketing materials to make them more customer directed while corporate branding is still maintained and managed.  The VPrint module also allows delivery of personalized communications. It can be integrated with data vendors such as AccuData and USAData. On the OPS Retail Site, a 1-page car I\insurance Letter, a water company dealer postcard, and a Tuffy postcard, all of which can all be customized online, are available as sample templates.

Online Print Solutions Web To Print VPrint and Image Builder Combo Online Print Solutions Web to Print Variable Data Printing Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions Variable Data Printing

HTML Templates

  • OPS Retail Solutions has HTML email templates that can be used when email campaign strategies are implemented. The OPS email templates are guaranteed to work with most email programs such as Outlook 2007, Lotus Notes and Gmail. The OPS Retail Site mentions that 4 email templates are available, but on the date of this post, only one sample template seems to be working.

Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions Email Campaign Template

Smart web-to-print campaigns

  • VWeb works hand in hand with the OPS SmartCampaigns system in utilizing variable data printing  technology for direct and targeted marketing that can either be through email, print, or SMS. VWeb website templates are featured on the OPS Retail Site product catalog.  These pre-designed website templates work well for users who want to launch a website right away. Those who want a more customized site may change features on the template. Variable video may be embedded on the website. There are 2 sample templates on the OPS Retail Site, an Extra Car PURL sample, and a bank PURL template.

Online Print Solutions Retail Solutions VWeb Online Print Solutions Retail Solutions Website Templates

Online Print Solutions Retail Solutions VWeb Dashboard

VWeb campaigns are managed through the VWeb dashboard. Through the dashboard, users can create, view, deactivate and keep track of launched campaigns.

For automatic print job submission OPS Retail Solutions has the NexJob module.  This module is an add-on module to OrderDesk. It works as well as an instant pricing and estimation tool. After specifications for an order has been placed, the system allows users to send a price quotation request estimates with a link to either accept or reject the quoted price is sent back through email. Aside from the submission tool, OPS Retail Solutions also has an approval system structure where authorized administrators can view details or orders, and post approval comments.

  • NexJob

Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions NexJob Job Upload Module Online Print Solutions Web to Print Approval System


The OPS Retail Site has an Administration Menu where the following can be done:

  • View order details and status

Online Print Solutions Web to Print View Orders

  • Create and view product list.

Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions Admin Menu Product List

  • View User List/ Activate Users

Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions Admin Menu User List

  • Create/register, update and user account details

Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions Admin Menu Create User Account Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions User Client Account Registration

  • View and update address list

Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions Admin Menu View Addresses Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions Admin Menu Adding New Address

  • Create Templates

Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions Admin Menu Create Template

  • Generate reports

Online Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions Admin Menu ReportsOnline Print Solutions Web to Print Retail Solutions Admin Menu Report

Web to Print

OrderDesk is the OPS web to print system that enables centralization of ordering and fulfillment of print service needs within an organization. Online order approval at different levels, stock status viewing, and reports generation are some of the features of this module. OrderDesk can  be customized and branded. Navigation through the OrderDesk system is through 3 main menus namely, the Art Room, Office Area, and Administration Area.

1.  Art Room Menu –  Tasks involved in the Art Department such as creating web-to-print templates and products, imposition and dispatching of orders, and defining signature lay-out are in this menu. The PDF Image Library where images to be used on templates are uploaded, also belong in the Art Room Menu. Online Print Solutions Orderdesk Web to Print Artroom Menu

  • Creating/ Locating Web-to-Print Templates

Online Print Solutions Orderdesk Create Template

  • Creating/ Locating Web-to-Print Products
  • Cost Matrix

Online Print Solutions Order Desk Create New Products

  • Color Management
  • Page Management

Online Print Solutions OrderDesk Color Management Page Management

  • PDF Library

Online Print Solutions OrderDesk PDF Image Library

  • Web-to-Print Template Proofing – There are three files that will be generated when proofing: sample PDF of a user side proof, sample PDF that will be used in production of imposition file, and a JPEG of the sample PDF  user proof.

Online Print Solutions OrderDesk Online Proofing Template Proofing

  • Inventory Management –  OrderDesk has an inventory management system that handles assignment of stock level and automatic adjustment of stock levels when orders are placed or cancelled.

Online Print Solutions OrderDesk Inventory Management

  • Job Ticketing can be created as part of the imposition process of through Cart transactions to help the prepress team. Aside from Job tickets, OrderDesk can also generate Pick Slips and Pack Slips.

Online Print Solutions OrderDesk Job Ticket Pick Slip Pack Slip

  • Web-to-Print Order Management –  OrderDesk also has a dispatching order  system and Order Tracking system.  This allows the administrators are able to immediately dispatch a job order for processing.  Users on the other hand will be able to get notified via email of the order details.

Online Print Solutions OrderDesk Order Management Dispatch Order Order Tracking 2.    Office Area –  Tasks on the menu are those performed  by the Customer Service Department.  Mainly  through this  area, customers,  cost centers, employees, and suppliers accounts, orders, and reports can be created and viewed. Online Print Solutions OrderDesk Office Menu Online Print Solutions OrderDesk Customer Account Supplier Account Cos

  • Freight/Shipping Management –  OrderDesk also has freight options available for users.   Sales, freight, and handling taxes may be included in the calculation on Checkout.

Online Print Solutions OrderDesk Freight Options Shipping Management

  • Reports – Reports can be created, customized through SQL queries, and exported as Excel, Word or HTML .

Online Print Solutions Web to Print OrderDesk Create New Reports View Reports

  • Storefront  Branding / Portal Branding– The OPS Print Portal can be branded by customizing the header, sidebar, footer,  as well as adding  company logo and  other images.

Online Print Solutions OrderDesk Create New Branding Storefront Branding Print Portal Branding OrderDesk Web to Print Portal Branding Storefront Branding Colourchiefs Platypus Graphics Quiver 3.    Administration Area –  Other administration tasks and attributes  like Product Categories, PDF References, System Security and Maintenance , and external FedEx Registration belong to this menu. Online Print Solutions Web-to-Print OrderDesk Administration Menu

  • Stationary Types/ Product Categories – Users and administrators will be able to view the Product Categories page, but on the administrator side, along with viewing, editing, and deleting of items is possible.

Online Print Solutions Web to Print OrderDesk Stationery Types Product Categories

  • Java Script OrderDesk allows Java Script to be used to create additional functionality/features.

Online Print Solutions Web2Print OrderDesk Create New Java Script Functions

  • PDF References – Apart from the default OrderDesk PDF References, it is also possible to create new ones.

Online Print Solutions Web to Print OrderDesk PDF References

  • Security and Maintenance – Permission rights can be set using the Security Matrix.
  • Online Print Solutions Web to Print OrderDesk Security Matrix Security and Maintenance
  • FedEx and UPSOrderDesk is able to link to the FedEx and UPS systems and obtain live rates for shipping.

Online Print Solutions OrderDesk FedEx Freight Carrier FedEx Registration Online Print Solutions Web to Print OrderDesk UPS Registration

  • Payment MethodsOrderDesk can be integrated with Cybersource and Paypal.

Online Print Solutions OrderDesk Web to Print Payment Methods PayPal CyberSource

Consumer storefrontYes
Corporate storefrontYes
Interactive personalizationTemplate-based
E-commerce featuresShopping Cart; Integration with PayPal and CyberSource is available for payment methods; Integration with FedEx and UPS is also available as freight options.
CMS features
CRM features
MIS featuresOrderdesk allows centralized ordering and fulfillment of print needs
Personalization featuresText and text attributes editing including font, color, and size; image uploading, cropping, and effects editing
Plugins required
Volume limits
Storefront brandingYes; Print Portal can be
VDP engineVPrint
Approval workflowOrderDesk has multi level order approval framework
ReportingOrderDesk has a customizable reporting engine; reports can be in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF or HTML format.
Data import-exportVPrint can be integrated with the data systems of AccuData and USAData;Files can be output into optimized PDF and industry standard PPML
Job ticketingJob tickets, pick slips, and pack slips can be generated through OrderDesk.
File uploadingthrough FTP
Owned byDataCreation Pty Ltd
Contract type
Value added servicesLive session module allows remote collaborative dynamic editing in real time
Sign up & installation
Quoting & estimatingOnline job submission, instant quotation and request for estimate is available through the NexJob module
Sales information
IntegrationCan be integrated with Quickbooks, MYOB, Enterprise MIS, EFI Logic, EFI Pace, Prism MIS
DemosAvailable per request; registration required
Free trial
ContactEmail, telephone, contact form
Privacy statement
Copyright statement

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