PagePath web to print storefront solutions MyOrderDesk has 4 packages:

  • Professional
  • Advanced
  • Extended
  • Works

The first three cost $500-$700 to sign up, but do not include vital features such as storefront branding, variable data personalization, PDF proofing, online pricing, reorder system, credit card payment, invoicing, high volume management, start-up training, and domain and email hosting are add-on costs.

Works web to print package includes all their features, but costs $7500 plus daily transaction fees.

The MyOrderDesk system has storage of up to 5 GB and user limit of 15,000 users. It would be enough to hold approximately 700 customer photos.

Pagepath also offers to integrate the ezCard Express to the web to print system. ezCard Express is a business card storefront with templates that can be customized online through their ezMerge module. Customers may also contact a designer directly through the web to print storefront, or upload their own artwork to be used in the design. Apart from the one-time installation fee, clients pay per file for the ezCard Express Print Plan. The Drop Ship Plan is on commission basis. Trial version of this module is available at PagePath demo sites.

MyOrderDesk add-on modules:
•    ezMerge – allows interactive customization
•    PDF2U – allows generation of PDF proofs
•    QwikPrice –  instant calculation of cost of order
•    DocMart – customers can re-order from customized product catalog
•    QwikCharge –  necessary for PayPal and credit card transactions
•    Smart Forms – interface that simplify the order process for customers
•    QwikVue –  allows order details preview
•    QuickBooks™ – needed  to integrate invoicing with MyOrderDesk
•    Advanced Auto-Fill – hastens filling-up of order forms
•    High Volume – module to manage high volume orders
•    PrintNewz – personalized printing tips to customers

PagePath MyOrderDesk Storefront Products and Service Catalog

MyOrdersDesk is a web to print storefront that allows clients to customize their products and services catalog.

MyOrderDesk Web to Print Product and Services Catalog

MyOrderDesk Web To Print Request An Estimate Price Quotation

Customers can request for a quotation through a Request an Estimate form on the website. Specification details should be provided accordingly. Customers will receive the reply through their email.

MyOrderDesk Web to Print Online Quotation Estimate Request Confirmation Email

A confirmation that a request for an estimate has been received will be sent by the website. A second email with the actual quotation will be sent afterwards.

MyOrderDesk Web to Print Customize Pricing Storefront Price List

Clients may customize the way the price list is presented on their website.

PagePath Web to Print Job Tracking

Customers receive a system generated Job Tracking number for their orders.

ezCard ExpressCustom Business Cards

eCardExpress Template Design Options Business Card Customization

Customers can choose to customize a provided template, contact a designer, or upload their own artwork or lay-out.

MyOrderDesk Variable Data Personalization Custom Business Cards

Variable Text, Font Style, Color, and other effects can be chosen to personalize templates.

MyOrderDesk Online Proofing Web to Print Shopping Cart Check-out

Preview of customized template will be generated for approval. Customers may then pay online.

Consumer storefrontYes
Corporate storefront
Interactive personalizationTemplate-based - ezMerge
E-commerce featuresShopping cart; credit card processing of orders through the QwikCharge module; intant pricing through QuickPrice
CMS features
CRM featuresPrintNewz module will provide customers with personalized printing tips
MIS features
Personalization featuresezCardExpress - Business card storefront with customizable templates; Own artwork may be uploaded and used as design element
Plugins required
SaaSOne-time domain hosting fee is $150
Volume limitsHigh Volume order management module costs $150; Storage maximum is 5 GB, 100-15,000 users only;
Storefront brandingHTML and Flash Skinning available (Professional, Advanced, Extended) at $250 and $500 respectively
VDP engineEZ Merge
Approval workflowAside from online soft proofing, customers have the option to send a Matchprint proof or a fax proof prior to confirming a print job
ReportingJob history report can be viewed and printed out online by customers
Data import-export
Job ticketing
File uploadingFile formats supported: Adobe, Quark, Corel, Postscript
Owned byPagePath Technologies, Inc.
Contract typeOne-time sign-up fee plus daily transaction fees: Professional - $5/day; Advanced - $8/day; Extended - $11/day; Works - $13/day
Value added servicesCatalog and inventory management system through DocMart; monthly marketing system through the PrintNewz module
Sign up & installationSign-up fee of core system costs $600-$700; package with complete modules costs $7500
Quoting & estimatingRequest form for print job estimate is available; reply will be sent to customer's email
Sales information
PricingInstant pricing is available through the QwikPrice module
IntegrationQuickbooks integration is available at $425
DemosRegistration required to access demo sites (free)
Free trialAvailable at demo sites; registration required
SupportTechnical support through email or telephone is free
TrainingQwikStart Training will cost a one-time $199 fee;free for the WORKS package
ContactContact form, phone, postal mail
Privacy statementPagePath does not share personally identifiable information with any other company without the permission of the user.
Copyright statement
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