PrintMIS has been developing print management software since 2003.  They recently E Flo Expedite and E Flow Discovery as their web to print solution. These two modules integrate into their main MIS product suite E Pro.

  • E Flo Expedite is a storefront with a design interface that requires Silverlight, a marginal media technology from Microsoft. The text and image editing capabilities of the design tool adhere strictly to template rules. Expedite also has a multi-level order approval feature and  a reporting engine. Previews are only available if Acrobat Reader plugin is installed on the client computer. Reports can be in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF or HTML format.
  • E Flo Discovery primarily deals with online  quotation, print job scheduling and progress tracking. It also has a design interface. Both solutions need to be integrated with either E Pro Core or E Pro Enterprise to optimize their web to print benefits.

The following modules are featured in the trial version of PrintMIS systems:

  • Product Catalogue
  • Online Calculator
  • Company Orders
  • Orders for Approval
  • Personal History
  • Quote Request
  • My Saved Design
E Flo Business Card Templates Customize Business Cards

Design interface of E-Flo allows template-based text and image editing.

Print MIS E FLo Customized Templates Library

Templates that have been customized can be saved in the system's library.

Web to Print Online Proofing PDF Proof Preview

Instant print job proofing and approval can be done online, but required Adober Acrobat Reader plugin to be installed on the user machine.

Online Pricing Print Order Quantity Specification Print Finish Specification

Clients can specify quantity, type of material and finish. Cost will be instantly quoted based on these specifications.

Web to Print Corporate Storefront View Order Status per Department

In the corporate setting, order status per department can be viewed by authorized system users.

Web to Print Price Quotation Module Artwork Upload

Request for print job quotation is available online. Through the same request for quotation interface, up to 5 artwork or design elements can be uploaded.

Web to Print Online Quotation Print Job Order Estimation

After submitting the request for quotation, the system calculates and provides estimated cost of order.

Web to Print Customer Storefront Order Status Preview Billing Shipping Details Preview

After approval of print job order, status of order, cost, billing and shipping details can be reviewed.

Consumer storefrontYes
Corporate storefrontYes (E Pro solutions)
Interactive personalizationTemplate-based, only with Adober Reader plugin
E-commerce featuresStorefront, shopping cart, shipping and order tracking
CMS featuresAvailable in E Pro
CRM featuresAvailable in E Pro
MIS featuresE Flo solutions rely on E Pro MIS features such as inquiry management, estimates, production routing, supplier selection, etc.
Personalization featuresUsing the E Flo design interface, customers can edit text (font, color, size etc) and images (crop, re-size, apply effects) on templates
PlatformMicrosoft Technologies
Plugins requiredMicrosoft Silverlight, Adober Reader
Volume limits
Storefront branding
VDP engine
Approval workflowHas online proofing and multi-level order approval framework
ReportingE Flo reporting engine allows reports to be scheduled to run and made available as either MS Word, MS Excel, PDF or HTML
Data import-export
Job ticketingAutomated job ticketing is available in E Pro solutions
File uploadingArtwork can be uploaded and added as design element
Owned byPrint M.I.S., Inc.
Contract type
Value added servicesAvailable in E Pro solutions: Delivery Notes, Customer & Supplier Management, Inventory Management
Sign up & installationRemote installation via the Internet within 2 weeks from the payment
Quoting & estimatingE Flo Discovery has an online quoting and estimating feature
Sales informationSale Enquiry module
PricingPricing is available upon request; Payment for software can be through credit card through telephone, cheque, and direct deposit
IntegrationE Flo Expedite and E Flo Discovery can be integrated with the E PRO Core
DemosAvailable on request or on a shared demo website
Free trialPotentially, on request
SupportEmail, telephone, and live support available, including support to the end users
DocumentationConfiguration documentation is sent via email after payment for software has been processed
TrainingTraining videos are not yet available on the website's link
ContactEmail, telephone postal mail
Privacy statementPersonal Information submitted to the site may be used for marketing purposes; IP Addresses of site visitors and other non-personal information are collected for data analysis.
Copyright statement
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