PrintPlacer is a web to print system developed by Sub-Lime Media. Pre-press automation for marketing collateral and maintaining customer brand integrity is the claimed benefit of their SaaS web-to-print software.

PrintPlacer web to print features include personalization, proofing, ordering and  approval. Personalization of marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, and stationery is template-based and can be done in 2 ways. First, text can be directly changed on an editable template. Second, data on provided fields can be changed, and this will automatically update the text on a stamped template. For instant proofing, a preview is generated after customizing the template details. Quantity to be ordered can then be indicated and forwarded to authorized administrator for approval. This feature of the system allows centralized procurement.

As is, PrintPlacer web to print packages include generation of 2 to 6 system reports, site and sub-site branding, and user account creation. Should a client require more,  PrintPlacer also offers template, reports and system customization services at additional cost.

URL and interface branding is available to clients who pay a monthly fee of $200-$600.

PrintPlacer Web To Print Customizable URL Interface Branding

URL personalization and interface branding of PrintPlacer web to print application is available to clients who pay monthly fees ($200-$600) on top of usage fees. ($6-$12/pdf)

PrintPlacer Web to Print Administrator Dashboard User Details

Marketing collateral items (stamped and editable), order details, approval status, and user account details can be seen after logging-in.

PrintPlacer Web to Print Variable Personal Data

Customization of print materials is template-based; text can be edited directly on an editable template, or changes can be done on provided fields for a stamped template.

PrintPlacer Web to Print PDF Preview Online Proofing Online Ordering

After customizing a template, a preview is generated to allow instant proofing. After that quantity of marketing material to be ordered can be indicated and automatically forwarded for approval.

PrintPlacer Web to Print Order Status Branch Approval Status

PrintPlacer web to print solutions allows online approval of print orders; this feature of the system facilitates centralized procurement of printable marketing materials.

Consumer storefront
Corporate storefrontYes
Interactive personalizationTemplate-based
E-commerce features
CMS features
CRM features
MIS featuresMenu system used for procurement tasks can be customised based on company requirements and user permissions
Personalization features
Plugins required
Volume limits
Storefront brandingAvailable to Basic, Advanced, and Reseller packages; Reseller package may also have site-sub branding
VDP engine
Approval workflowBuilt-in approval system for reviewing orders
ReportingMicro and Basic packages have 2 standard reports; Advanced package has 2 standard reports and 2 customized reports; Reseller package has 2 standard reports and 4 customized reports
Data import-export
Job ticketingOnline proofing is available
File uploadingPDF format
Owned bySub-Lime Media
Contract type
Value added servicesCentralized procurement, brand management
Sign up & installationSet-up costs are for system customization or specialised template creation
Quoting & estimating
Sales information
Pricing$200-$600 per month plus usage fees ranging from $6-$12 per PDF
IntegrationPrinPlacer provides system customization services for additional costs
DemosAvailable per request; registration required
Free trial
TrainingIntroduction video is available on the website
ContactContact Form
Privacy statement
Copyright statement
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