QPrint Pro, a product of Quarterhouse Software comes as an integrated e-commerce and web to print solutions. The system has five main modules namely, QPrint Storefront, QPrint Administrator, QPrint Auto-flight, QPrint E-Designer and QPrint E-Photobook. An added feature to the system is the prepackaged and custom templates library.

Aside from the web to print e-commerce solutions, QPrint Pro also offers hosting options, web to print consulting, custom web design, and application system integration services.

QPrint Pro Web to Print Modules:

1. The QPrint Storefront serves as a gateway for customers to view and order print products online. Catalogs can be customized for specific clients and multiple-level passwords can be set to secure transactions. Shopping cart, shipment estimation for UPS and FedEx, credit card payment and pending print orders and order history report viewing are some of the system’s e-commerce functionality.

QPrint Pro Web to Print Storefront

2. The QPrint E-Designer module was developed using Adobe Flash technology. Using a point-and-click editing workflow, blank or themed templates can be customized by both system administrators and end-users. Customization includes image placement and adjustment, text editing and lay-out and font editing. The module’s template management function allows setting multilevel access rights to print templates for maintenance and control. webtoprintpro web to print QPrint Online Design

3. QPrint Auto-Flight allows files in Tiff, PUB, JPG, and other Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop files to be submitted by customers, and converted to PDF for the print service providers. The module allows validation of resolution, size, fonts and CMYK color space. It is also through this module that hard and soft proofs are generated.webtoprintpro web to print Autoproof Online Proofing

4. QPrint Administrator is a basic Print MIS module. User access and customization of the online storefront is managed through a simple MIS interface. Quote, pricing and print order job management is handled by this module.

QPrint Administrator Web to Print MIS5. The QPrint E-Photobook is a Flex-based web tool that enables customers to create their own photo books online. It has a simple interface and it can be accessed with a web-browser and Flash plug-in. The application may serve as another retail profit source to print service provider.

Consumer storefrontYes
Corporate storefrontYes
Interactive personalizationPre-approved PDF Files
E-commerce featuresCan interface with integrated merchant solution for credit card processing
CMS features
CRM featuresQPrint Administrator has order and print job management
MIS featuresUser access settings, catalog/storefront customization, template management
Personalization featuresSoft proofing of template designs
Plugins requiredFlash
Volume limits
Storefront brandingYes
VDP engine
Approval workflow
ReportingCan interface with integrated merchant solution to receive reports
Data import-exportPrint jobs can be submitted in PDF, TIFF, EPS or JPG format
Job ticketingAutomated Proofing and preflighting
File uploading
Owned byQuarterhouse Software
Contract type
Value added services
Sign up & installation
Quoting & estimatingCan interface with integrated shipping estimation and quote management
Sales information
IntegrationApplication-to-application integration, business process management integration, business-to-business integration and Web services enablement
DemosSign-up and request for live demo
Free trial
SupportWeb to print consulting services
ContactMail, Email, Telephone
Privacy statement
Copyright statement
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