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ZetaPrints dynamic imaging has only one fixed fee per every image generated. This is the only fee we charge. There are no other fees or charges. All other usage, such as set up, code samples, support, etc. is free.

The primary output of dynamic imaging is bitmaps (raster images). Unlike our web-to-print service there is no need to generate PDF files, so we treat every image we generate on your request as a single billable event.

Dynamic imaging fee

The fee per generated image is set at US $0.01. See our pricing page for other currencies and detailed billing rules. Payments are made monthly for the total of the previous calendar month.

Other costs

There are no other costs on ZetaPrints part apart from the per-image fee. However, you are likely to have additional expenses to make use of our API.


How long is the piece of string?

We try to minimize this cost by releasing open source code used for our dynamic imaging projects. You may undertake the integration using your own development resources or even your own skill. Alternatively, our partners are always happy to help you with dynamic imaging integration.


Cost of making templates varies and depends on their complexity. Anyone capable of making a design is capable of making a template. It does not require any programming or special skills.

Sourcing templates from freelance designers can be a quick alternative. Costs start at about US$ 5 per page of design. It is a fraction of the cost for any Flash-based designs.

Admin and maintenance

ZetaPrints has no specific maintenance requirements. We take care of all the back-end admin and maintenance for you.