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Dynamic imaging API

ZetaPrints dynamic imaging API is easy to use from server side scripts (PHP, .NET, etc) as well as from the client side (JavaScript). All calls are HTTP GET/POST with a variation of response types such as XML, HTML or singleton.

Dynamic imaging templates

Our dynamic imaging system is based on vector graphic templates. You can upload your own templates or use what is offered by other users. Our dynamic imaging templates are just like normal vector graphic designs with certain elements marked as variables to replace them with some other data (text or images) at run time.

Search and browsing API

Dynamic imaging API has a set of functions for getting lists and searching templates.

Image generation API

Calls to our image generation API functions need to contain the following information:

  • Template ID
  • API key
  • Array of input field names and their values
  • Array of images and the IDs of replacement images
  • Required image type (GIF, PNG, JPG)
  • Output type (XML, image URL, etc)

ZetaPrints accepts these parameters, processes the template and generates an image with the text and images specified in the request. The response may vary depending on the client requirements. Usually it is either an XML document with full details of the generated image or just a URL of the image for easy parsing.

Image editing API

Images uploaded to ZetaPrints can be edited on the fly to better fit templates or the environment using image editing API.

  • Rotate
  • Crop
  • Delete
  • Restore
  • Download
  • Context specific crop/move/resize
  • Add/remove watermark

Calls to these functions usually contain the image ID and the action parameters. The response is either XML with full details about the edited image or just the image URL.

User management

ZetaPrints dynamic imaging API caches user data. This feature saves a lot of processing time and bandwidth at both ends. Although using this API is optional it may be quite beneficial in some situations.