A user can be logged into your web-to-print portal automatically by passing required parameters in the referral request. This feature is only available if you know user ID and password.

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ZetaPrints web-to-print registration process can be skipped if you migrating users from some other system. Full text »

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform platform. We developed an open source extension for Magento access control to complement our web-to-print extension that allows you to incorporate your web-to-print and dynamic imaging templates in your Magento store. Full text »

A “designer” is a special account type for people with design skills. Designers can create their own catalogues, upload templates and manage templates for printers. Full text »

“Office manager” has the same privileges as “user” account, except for some additional functionality. Full text »

A “printer” is a top level account with most privileges and functionality. This account presumes that printing is managed by the account holder. Full text »

A “user” is the default account type. Users browse products, customise them and place orders for printed products or print-ready PDF files. Full text »

ZetaPrints has 3 main types of accounts: Printer, Designer and User. Full text »

Our web to print software allows user access control via API. Access is controlled per web-to-print catalog with GRANT and DENY calls.

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Users of your web-to-print system can be managed per web-to-print catalog one by one or in bulk. The central user management page gives direct access to user profiles. This post describes centralized user management for web-to-print sites. Full text »