This variable web-to-print textured text retains the texture when viewed from an angle. It shows how to use web-to-print and dynamic imaging templates to show texture on 3D letter as if they were cut out from a solid block like plastic or marble. Full text »

Here’s one of the many ways to make a rainbow in CorelDRAW. This technique is based around the Blending tool used to blend two arcs of similar color. Full text »

Here are a few examples of designs achieved by assigning different merge modes to some of their elements. The CorelDRAW merge modes are used as transparency operations or as drop shadow blending modes.

Full text »

Remember how the opening credits at the beginning of the classic Superman movies look like? Here’s a neat trick on how you can create a web-to-print or dynamic imaging template with the same effect. Full text »

Learn how to create a variable web-to-print text that appears like it’s coming from the background simulating a sliding shape with its motion. Full text »