This article explains how to add new users to a catalogue. Full text »

Web to print orders may require a delivery address. There are 2 options: simple, one text box address or a structured address with multiple text controls. Full text »

This web-to-print API return a list of all web-to-print catalogs per site. It comes useful if you want to import data or synchronise databases.

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Business users of your web-to-print portal may need “cost center” option to attribute orders to different expense types / accounts. There are 2 options:

  • fixes list of cost centers
  • user-entered cost center Full text »

Products (templates) can be marked as featured to promote them on top all the other items. Full text »

Large number of templates in a single catalog make the menu unreadable because there are too many of them. Use keywords as menu categories to replace the list of templates and aid navigation. Full text »

“Office manager” has the same privileges as “user” account, except for some additional functionality. Full text »

Tags are simple keywords that help people find what they are looking for on your web-to-print site or through search engines. Full text »

Web-to-print and image templates are grouped into catalogs. Create as many catalogs as you need and upload your templates into them. Full text »

Learn how to give access to catalogues for different usage scenarios. Full text »