Catalogs are collections of templates. They may have different parameters regarding access control, appearance and lifetime. Full text »

The order form presents fields in the order they appear in CorelDRAW Object Manager. Full text »

A paragraph text frame can be set to to fit as much text in its boundary as entered by user with automatic font resizing. Full text »

Sometimes the entire line needs to be removed from the web-to-print template if some of its parts are empty and the rest of the text should shift up or down.  It is  done using a single [square bracket. Full text »

Creating an eCard template is very similar to creating a web banner, twicture or any other dynamic imaging template. Mind a few basic requirements and the rest is easy. Full text »

There are hundreds of thousands of fonts in the world. It is impossible to pre-install them all. Learn how to use fonts with your templates. Full text »

Users can upload their own images into web-to-print templates. Images can be standalone or in a PowerClip (clipping path). A number of transformations and alignment rules can be applied as well. Full text »

Templates must adhere to certain rules and limitations. None of them should limit your creativity, though. Full text »

Some web-to-print designs require multiple fields reside in a single text frame. It can be done using {curly brackets} and # as the object name in Object Manager to tell the web-to-print engine this text frame has variable fields in it.

Full text »

Sometimes web-to-print designs require flexibility and multiple fields within the same text frame.  This can be done using {curly brackets} and field names as the shape name.

Full text »

You can have multiple paragraphs in a paragraph text frame. The paragraphs can be
formatted as bullet points, drop cap, columns, etc. Full text »

This section applies only to PowerClips with variable fields for user input. Learn how to place user images in a PowerClip. Full text »

A “designer” is a special account type for people with design skills. Designers can create their own catalogues, upload templates and manage templates for printers. Full text »

“Office manager” has the same privileges as “user” account, except for some additional functionality. Full text »

A “printer” is a top level account with most privileges and functionality. This account presumes that printing is managed by the account holder. Full text »

A “user” is the default account type. Users browse products, customise them and place orders for printed products or print-ready PDF files. Full text »

ZetaPrints has 3 main types of accounts: Printer, Designer and User. Full text »

You can turn an Artistic text or a Paragraph text frame into a variable field so the users can input their own text in your web-to-print template. Full text »

The smaller the file the faster it is to upload and process. Learn how to reduce the file size without compromising the quality. Full text »

Learn how to replace content of text frames with content from user input. Full text »

Any text frame can be a variable input field for user input. Full text »

A text frame can be made a variable filed in a web-to-print template by giving it a name in CorelDRAW Object Manager. There is a number of options, depending on what the variable field is supposed to do. This post gives an overview of available options. Full text »

Any text frame in your web-to-print template can be turned into one or more variable text fields using Object Manager. Full text »

Creating a twicture template is very similar to creating a web banner or any other dynamic imaging template. You just need to keep a few rules in mind. Full text »

Sometimes the previews look cropped or distorted if they have white space between page border and design elements. Full text »