The order form presents fields in the order they appear in CorelDRAW Object Manager. Full text »

Reducing template file size has a downside – the thumb in the catalog may look unattractive. You can change the default preview and still keep the file small. Full text »

Here’s a design technique explaining how to realistically replace a photo on a newspaper page. A simple web-to-print or dynamic imaging template can make anyone a celebrity. Full text »

Sometimes you need to display one object only if the other one is present. For example a
caption under an image should appear only if the image is present. Use object
grouping for this. Full text »

Any image uploaded to your web to print portal goes to the user’s image library. Uploaded images can be organized in folders and edited. Images can also be used as selection stock attached to templates.

Full text »

This section applies only to PowerClips with variable fields for user input. Learn how to place user images in a PowerClip. Full text »

Sometimes the same field needs to appear in more than one place on a template. Full text »

The smaller the file the faster it is to upload and process. Learn how to reduce the file size without compromising the quality. Full text »

Learn how to prepare a template that can accept user images. Full text »

Artistic text can be used as a PowerClip container in web-to-print templates with both, the text and the image inside it as variable fields. Full text »