This is a simple trick achieved with the help of CorelDRAW Envelope tool. Use this technique to simulate a realistic text perspective on a corner of a wall in your web-to-print and dynamic imaging templates. Full text »

An illusion of a text floating in thin air along side some skyscraper attracts the eye, but is not always easy to make it look realistic. This post explains how to achieve the same effect in your dynamic imaging and web-to-print templates. Full text »

Tips and tricks on how to add a perspective to the texts in your web-to-print templates and make them appear more realistic and blended with the background. Full text »

Remember how the opening credits at the beginning of the classic Superman movies look like? Here’s a neat trick on how you can create a web-to-print or dynamic imaging template with the same effect. Full text »

This is a technique you can use to create a 3D cube with a text frame on each side of it and place it in your web-to-print templates. Full text »