You can use this web-to-print technique to create a see-through text cut out of a 3D surface.  It simulates a thick peace of metal, wood or any material with a text cut out in the middle of it, making the background image be visible through the holes. Full text »

Let’s make an alternative vision of the world. This is a cool web-to-print design idea for a colorful view of a variable photo through sunglasses. Works equally well for web-to-print and dynamic imaging templates. Full text »

CorelDRAW doesn’t allow combination of extrude, bevel and power clip in one object. Here’s the way around. Full text »

User images uploaded into a web to print template can be blended with the rest of the design in a very creative manner. This posts explains how to use CorelDRAW transparency to blend a user photo with background Full text »

Lets take advantage of the web-to-print Character formatting matching option and create a colorful typography template with the text letters going on top of each other. Full text »

Here’s a design technique explaining how to realistically replace a photo on a newspaper page. A simple web-to-print or dynamic imaging template can make anyone a celebrity. Full text »

Image formats that retain transparency can be used in web-to-print templates. Here’s how you can use some cut-out photos as image selection in your web-to-web designs. Full text »

This is a simple and easy way to make the text frames in your web-to-print templates appear like they are cut out of a piece of flat surface, be it a sheet of paper or anything else. Full text »

A cool dynamic imaging effect with a reflective image changing scenery while retaining the original reflection. Here’s a trick to help you achieve this in a web-to-print or dynamic imaging template. Full text »

CorelDRAW does not have a built-in Invert transparency option as a Transparency tool preset. Sometimes you need to add an inverted radial transparency than the default one, here’s how. Full text »

Here are a few examples of designs achieved by assigning different merge modes to some of their elements. The CorelDRAW merge modes are used as transparency operations or as drop shadow blending modes.

Full text »

This is a cool typography trick for web-to-print or dynamic imaging templates where text need to stand out. There are two ways of doing this, using PowerClips or custom transparency operation. Full text »

Here’s another neat typography trick for web-to-print or dynamic imaging template. There are two ways of doing this, using custom transparency operation, as explained here or using PowerClips. Full text »

Some web-to-print products look very different from what a web-to-print template looks like on the screen. This web-to-print help post explains how you can create a preview template of a badge or a button so that users can get a realistic view of the final product. Full text »

Complex transparencies in web to print designs may produce unexpected colour variations due to colour profile mismatches and colour space conversions. ZetaPrints web-to-print software has a special colour compensation option for advanced effects. Full text »

Make the text visible only by its shadow. This is a very simple trick that involves adding a drop shadow on a No Fill web-to-print text frame. Here’s what you need to know to achieve this effect in our web-to-print software. Full text »

Simulating realistic environments for web-to-print designs requires attention to detail. This example demonstrates how a variable image can be layered inside an image using a shadow dropped on it. Full text »

A 3D text is floating on realistic clouds. Combine the power of Photoshop and CorelDRAW to achieve this awesome effect in your web-to-print templates. Full text »

Learn how to create a variable web-to-print text that appears like it’s coming from the background simulating a sliding shape with its motion. Full text »

Learn how to create the illusion of a tattooed text using a few simple tricks that include playing arround with the text object’s transparency and the envelope tool. Full text »

Every once in a while you’ll need to use some shape or text as a PowerClip container for another shape, text or even an image. This tutorial shows different combination of PowerClip transparencies. Full text »

Have you ever dropped an object in a pool and looked at it from above the water’s surface? The water gives it a pretty cool optical distortion effect. Here’s how you can simulate this and “drown” your web-to-print template. Full text »