Text contrasted on shape


You can use the Artistic text objects in your web-to-print template as PowerClip containers and overlay them to achieve contrasting effects that make the design look very professional.

Choose a shape that you can use as a background fill and as a text fill in your template. Ex. A world map.

Make the text a variable web-to-print field.

Select the shape, go to Effects/PowerClip/Place Inside Container and click somewhere inside the page frame.

Duplicate the page frame, edit it’s content (Right click/Edit Contents), click on the shape (world map) and change it’s color. Chose a color that is in contrast with the original color so that the text is easy to read.

Your text fill is now ready! Make duplicates and place them inside each of the text objects as a PowerClip.


Note. After placing each copy of the text fill inside a text object, right click on the text object, go to edit contents, click on the fill and press “P” on the keyboard to center it on the page. This will ensure a correct alignment of the text fill and the background fill.

Upload the template and test it. The result should something similar to this.



Try this web-to-print template.

Download the FREE CorelDRAW template file.


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