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File uploading

This extension is no longer supported.

Dynamic File Attachments is a free Magento extension that allows asynchronous file uploading on a product page.

Magento Community Edition (free) allows assigning a file uploading option to a product but limits customers to a single file upload per field. As a store owner, you may wish to let customers upload multiple files of various sizes. Adding multiple uploading controls on a product is not always practical since the number of files may vary.

Dynamic File Attachments extension complements our lineup up of Magento extensions for web-to-print and printer storefronts.

The image on the right illustrates multiple file uploading in action. Files are queued and uploaded one by one. A file can be removed from a queue or new ones added. A user can queue up the files and leave them to upload.


Our Magento Dynamic File Attachements extension is fully compatible with our web-to-print and other extensions.