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Magento is an open source e-commerce platform written in PHP + MySQL. It can run in almost any hosting environment. You can choose to host it yourself or use managed hosting where someone does all the installation and system administration for you.

We do not provide Magento hosting ourselves, but our partners will be happy to assist you.

AWS hosting

Amazon Web Services is our hosting of choice. This is where our web-to-print and dynamic imaging system is hosted. Locating your Magento site in the same hosting environment will reduce network latency to negligible. We provide a free up-to-date AWS machine image with Magento and our extension installed.

Shared hosting

A Magento website with the ZetaPrints web-to-print and dynamic imaging extension can be hosted by almost any  website hosting company with prices starting at a few dollars per month. It is suitable for small websites if you have access to necessary technical expertise.

Magento Hosting partners
Magento Hosting partners

Dedicated and virtual server hosting

Dedicated or VPS (virtual server) hosting is more involved and more expensive than shared hosting. You will definitely need advanced technical expertise to successfully run such web-to-print hosting environment. We recommend it to websites with significant traffic or expecting their traffic to grow. The costs may start as low as US$50 per month.

Slicehost VPS hosting
Amazon Web Services
Media Temple hosting

Managed hosting

We recommend this option to customers with serious intentions on growing their online business. The extra you pay for looking after your website frees you to do all the other tasks as well as gives you peace of mind. You still own and fully control your website, but the difficult IT tasks are performed by IT professionals on your request. The costs usually start from about US$120 a month, but ultimately depend on the level of support you require.

Talk to our partners or find a different service provider.