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How it works

Our web-to-print and dynamic imaging extension puts Magento and ZetaPrints together to enable product personalization directly within Magento.

Role separation

ZetaPrints is a fully hosted web-to-print and dynamic imaging system. It has its own user interface that can be customized. It also has an open architecture and API (Application Programming Interface) to let other systems replace its default user interface with their own.

Magento E-Commerce system uses ZetaPrints API to generate preview images and output files. The rest of the sales process takes place within Magento.

ZetaPrints and design templates

All design templates for Magento products are uploaded to ZetaPrints and organized into catalogs. Fonts and stock images are uploaded to ZetaPrints as well. Your customers can access and use the templates directly in ZetaPrints, if you allow so.

Magento E-Commerce

Our web-to-print and dynamic imaging extension imports template data into Magento. Products linked to the imported templates can be personalized by users directly in Magento. Your Magento store performs all the other functions required to make a sale:

Personalization, image and PDF generation

Magento doesn’t do any image processing of its own. It collects the user data and sends it to ZetaPrints in the background via API. ZetaPrints web-to-print system processes the requests and returns either a preview image, a low resolution PDF proof or the final PDF file. Magento presents the images and files to the user as if they were generated by your own server.