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Interactive image editing

Users can upload and edit images right on the product page. All the images are stored on our servers to minimize your Magento hosting fees and simplify maintenance.

Magento web-to-print image editing

User-uploaded images remain in the customer’s image library and are available for use. Each image can be edited by clicking on the “edit” button in its bottom right corner.

The editor comes in handy when images need a bit of tweaking prior to their use in the product. Available image editing tools are rotation, cropping and a Fit-in-field tool.


Web-to-print Fit-in-field selection area

The “Fit-in-field” tool is basically a smart crop tool that has its selection area shape locked to a proportional shape according to the image placeholder of the template.

This helps users get an exact idea of what part of their uploaded image will be visible in the template they’re personalizing.