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International web-to-print support

Magento supports multiple languages, currencies and other country-specific aspects like dominant payment and shipping providers out of the box. Our web-to-print extension comes with support for several languages and an option to add more translations.

You can customize your web-to-print Magento store with additional language options. Users will be able to choose the language they prefer from a list of translations you provide, making your shop truly international.

Built-in locales

Our web-to-print extension for Magento comes with the following built-in locales:

  • EN – English
  • RU – Russian
  • MK – Macedonian
  • BG – Bulgarian (incomplete)
  • DE – German (incomplete)
  • ES – Spanish (incomplete)

Add your language to the web-to-print package

Translating the web-to-print part of your store into some other language is easy. You need to download a file with all the strings, translate them and upload back in. The process is explained on our Magento web-to-print help site.