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Order approval

Our Order Approval extension is free and allows you to organize an approval process in a Magento store by stopping certain customers from checking out until their orders are approved by a nominated approver.


The extension adds an extra step between the customer’s shopping cart and the checkout process. It means that customers are able to add any number of products into their shopping cart, delete and modify them at any time without any restrictions, but they can not checkout products from the cart before they are approved.

When customers try to checkout their shopping cart, the approver receives a notification about unapproved products in the customer’s shopping cart. The approver can use the link from the e-mail to reach order approval UI and approve or decline customer’s products.


The Order approval extension is free and can be installed on through Magento Connect Manager.


Our Magento Order approval extension is fully compatible with our web-to-print and category access control extensions.