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Direct mail

Preparing a bulk mail campaign has just become a lot easier with our free Distribution Map extension. Coupled with web-to-print it allows customers to order print and mark the distribution area on a map in a single order.

This extension is based on Google Maps and is very easy to use. All a user needs to do is to click on the map several times to select an area. The simplicity of it suits perfectly to small businesses. Many of them shy away from using unaddressed mail because of the complexity dealing with printers, direct mail distributors and list owners to put a campaign together.

Web-to-print with a map for unaddressed mail distribution

Any Magento website running our web-to-print extension can become a one stop shop for selling unaddressed mail by adding our free Distribution Map extension:

  • prepare artwork
  • select distribution area
  • make a payment

User selected area becomes part of the order detail. Once saved it can be zoomed in or out, but cannot be changed. The area can also be downloaded as coordinates in a KML file to be used in other geo-spacial applications.

Learn more in extension help post .

Using list services

An unaddressed mail campaign can be enhanced by linking with various business and residential list providers for better profiling. This requires interfacing with their systems or databases. Unfortunately, there is no one standard interface for this and the extension will need to be tailored for your preferred list provider.