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One flat fee per per order

  • Australia – $2.2 or less per order
  • EU1.3 or less per order
  • New Zealand – $2.5 or less per order
  • UK – £0.85 or less per order
  • USA – $1.7 or less per order
  • Other countries – US$1.7 or less per order

A charge is applied when your Magento site requests output file generation. You can configure at what stage this happens. E.g. after a payment was made or order approved or some other condition.

Other costs

There are no other charges from us, but you may need to pay for Magento hosting or seek help of IT professionals and designers to set up, configure and maintain your Magento store. Additional costs may be as low as a few dollars a month.

Non-personalized products

There is no charge for selling products through your Magento site. We charge for generating output files, not for the fact of sale or some other use of your website.

Free trial

You can explore our services free of charge until you are sure they work for you. Customer testing ZetaPrints web-to-print software or preparing their own web-to-print portals can request a waver on a monthly basis.

Billing rules

We have a number of rules and exception in our billing process. For example you don’t need to pay for test orders, we can wave some of the charges, etc.